Coalition Builder

Wonderful things happen when organizations work together toward shared goals and Shelter Animals Count's Coalition Builder tool does just that. The Coalition Builder is a platform to track data across groups of shelters/rescues. The tool fosters collaboration and provides data tracking and reporting among shelters and rescues at local, regional and national levels.

Coalitions are used by funders, state federations, local groups, etc. in order to have access to data. They utilize the SAC platform to gain access to data submitted to Shelter Animals Count, saving organizations time reporting to multiple places.

Shelters and rescues have the opportunity to opt-in to share their data with Coalitions, they can be invited to the coalition or can request to join the coalition. Sharing data through coalitions is governed by a use agreement and is managed by Shelter Animals Count.

Shelter Animals Count's Coalition Builder makes The National Database even more valuable for participating shelters and rescues, as well as coalition leaders across the country.

Common Questions

Builder FAQ's

  • 01. What is the Coalition Builder?

    The Coalition Builder is a tool that makes tracking data and data trends across groups of participating shelters incredibly easy. Coalitions can be any size, represent any geographical area or ...

  • 02. Which organizations can I add to my coalition?

    You can invite any organization that is registered with Shelter Animals Count to your coalition. Each organization has the option to accept or deny your request. The organization’s account status ...