Data Dashboards

Industry Trends Dashboard

See year-over-year trends on the new Shelter Animals Count Industry Trends Dashboard. Check out the Population Balance Calculation, Rates of Intakes and Rates of Outcomes by national, state, region, organization type and species over a 3-year period. To calculate your own organization’s rates and compare to national trends, visit the new Animal Welfare Glossary.  

Intake & Outcome Dashboard

Shelter Animals Count Intake and Outcome Database (IOD) was designed to serve as a tool for basic data collection. It is a simple database containing what many (including Asilomar, ASPCA, National Federation of Humane Societies, American Humane, UC Davis, Maddie’s Fund, PetSmart Charities, HSUS, and Shelter Animals Count) have agreed are the minimum data points (along with definitions) an organization should gather.


Whether organizations already gather a great deal of data or have only gathered the basics, this database provides a common framework. This database does not reflect any preference in data analysis or the calculation of rates but is rather simply a tool for data collection.


The Intake and Outcome Database only tracks services provided to animals counted as an intake/outcome.

Community Services Dashboard

Shelter Animals Count Community Services Database (CSD) began collecting services data in 2021 to capture the most common ways shelters, rescues, and service-based organizations are supporting pets and people in our communities. These services exist to help keep pets in their homes and out of the shelters, and also to help people during difficult times.


Organizations provide services to keep owned pets in their homes and to keep community pets thriving in their neighborhoods.


The Shelter Animals Count Community Services Database is the first database to allow both animal sheltering and non-sheltering organizations, as well as human services organizations, to count their animal services in a central database.


This database does not track services provided to animals counted as an intake.