Participant Member Data Agreement

Shelter Animals Count (“SAC”) maintains a database of animal shelter data (the “Database”), in an effort to create a national database for the animal welfare field (the “Project”). When a shelter or rescue (“Shelter”) provides information (the “Information”) for the Database, it will be provided and used on the following terms:

Shelter agrees to submit complete data into the SAC data matrix portal each month.

Permission to use Information. SAC has permission to use any Information submitted by Shelter to SAC in the Database at no cost to SAC. This permission will be on a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, permanent basis, meaning that Shelter may give others permission to use the Information in addition to SAC; that the Database may be used anywhere and without time limit; SAC does not have to pay any royalties for using the Information in the Database.

Permitted uses of Information. SAC may use the Information by compiling it with the data of other participating organizations and otherwise supporting its development of a national database for the animal welfare field. SAC may make the data in the database available to members of the public, both by making it available for review on SAC’s website and also by releasing the data in CSV or comparable format. SAC may include the Information in data analysis projects, and may disclose, publish, or present the results of those projects for any lawful purpose relating to the Project, including demonstrating the Project to potential funders. SAC may not, however, disclose, distribute, present, or publish any of the Information in a way that discloses the identity of any animal or any person associated with an animal.

Shelter owns the Information. Shelter does not transfer ownership of the Information to SAC, and these Terms of Use do not limit or restrict in any way Shelter’s ownership of the Information. Shelter reserves all rights in and to the Information not specifically granted to the SAC in these Terms of Use.

Shelter’s and SAC’s representations to each other. Shelter represents to SAC that the Information is accurate and that it is not limited in any way from sharing the Information. Shelter agrees to SAC’s TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY.