100% Committed to Live Outcomes

At Shelter Animals Count, we know that accurate shelter reporting means more than numbers. It means saving more lives. With transparency as well as anonymity, our data collection process is designed to offer distinct and measurable benefits to animal welfare organizations in many ways.
shelter animals count goals image

Organizational goals:

  Streamline the collection and sharing of shelter data and promote importance of data transparency and evaluation.
   Enable greater understanding of our movement’s progress towards saving companion animals’ lives and preventing homelessness.
   Create a database that will:
  • Collect basic shelter data to allow for accurate counting of animals entering and leaving shelters on a state, regional and national basis.
  • Allow organizations to compare their data with that of other organizations
  • Use what we learn to enhance individual and collective efforts
  • Guide actions with increased knowledge of the dynamics at hand
  • Fill an industry-wide gap as there is no current system that allows for this kind of data collection and sharing