COVID-19 Animal Sheltering Data: June

Jul 23, 2020, 20:07 PM

Shelter Animals Count compared data from 1,270 organizations reporting both January - June 2019 and January - June 2020 data as of 7/14/20.

Download the COVID-19 Impact Report to see the changes happening to shelter intake and outcomes over the past six months nationally, regionally and by species and organization type.

Key Findings:

  • Shelter intake overall is down 24% compared to last year but increased at a higher rate from April to June 2020 than the same time period in 2019.
  • Kitten intake in 2020 went up 113% from April to May compared to 72% in 2019. In June kitten intake increased by 19% from May compared to a 4% increase last year. The majority of kitten intake both years came in as strays.
  • Regionally, Pacific and New England states have seen the largest year-to-date intake decrease at -31% and -30% while West North Central states saw the smallest decease at -17%.
  • Adoptions as a percentage of total intake are up slightly at 57% in 2020 compared
    to 51% in 2019. When we look deeper at the community adoption rate (adoptions
    as a percentage of intake minus owner intended euthanasia and transfer intake), that rate increases from 64% in 2019 to 73% in 2020.


COVID Impact Infographic June