How Shelter Animals Count Uses Data

Aug 6, 2019, 09:55 AM
Shelter Animals Count’s mission is to create, share and steward the national database of sheltered animals that provides facts and enables insights to save lives.
Public Data on SAC website
Shelter Animals Count shares the data we collect unless an organization has specifically asked us not to share their data through opting out of transparency. We share the data by publishing updates from the National Database on our website quarterly; after that data set has been reviewed and scrubbed by our staff. Anyone interested in a copy of that data set can complete an application which requests who they are, and for what purpose they intend to use the data. Each request is carefully reviewed, and if approved, the data set’s use is subject to the terms of our data use policy and agreement. This is how Shelter Animals Count shares and stewards the National Database.
Coalition Builder Tool
Shelters and rescues also have the opportunity to choose to share their data by joining Coalitions through the Coalition Builder tool. We know wonderful things happen when organizations choose to work together toward shared goals, and we built the Coalition Builder to provide a means for our members to share their data in real time. As a member enters their monthly data, it’s available to the Coalitions that member chose to join.  Sharing data this way is not governed by a use agreement and isn’t managed by Shelter Animals Count. We like to think of it as social networking within the National Database; you choose who your friends are. We encourage everyone to periodically review your Coalition memberships and pending invitations; it’s easy to accept, deny or leave a Coalition at any time by taking action within your Data Portal account.
Coalitions are used by funders, state federations, local coalitions and more to have ready access to data for organizations with which they have a relationship. They utilize the SAC platform to gain access to data you submit to Shelter Animals Count, saving you time in reporting to multiple places. For more information on Coalitions, please visit the Coalition web page. This is how participants of Shelter Animals Count can choose to share and steward their organization’s data.
We are grateful to the thousands of organizations regularly submitting data to Shelter Animals Count. By collaborating to collect and report accurate data, we are helping communities do the very best they can for sheltered animals.