Coalition FAQ's


Why should my organization contribute data and what can I expect?


Where do I record TNR? How do I record animal transfers?


Coalition Answers

  • 01. What is the Coalition Builder?

    The Coalition Builder is a tool that makes tracking data and data trends across groups of participating shelters incredibly easy. Coalitions can be any size, represent any geographical area or be issue focused (like a breed specific coalition of rescues).

    Participation by shelters and rescues is entirely voluntary. Coalition leaders will extend an invitation to organizations it’s up to each individual shelter/rescue to decide which coalitions they’d like to join. Rescues and shelters can also request to be added to an existing coalition.

    Once a coalition has been formed, the coalition leader or other assigned users can run downloadable data reports for the group as a whole or by member organization.

    Funders can form a coalition and invite or require their grantees to participate, providing an opportunity to consolidate and streamline data reporting.

  • 02. Which organizations can I add to my coalition?

    You can invite any organization that is registered with Shelter Animals Count to your coalition. Each organization has the option to accept or deny your request. The organization’s account status must be “confirmed” in order for you to pull their data.

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