What Can
Data Do
for You?

Imagine trying to solve a puzzle without having all of the pieces, or trying to put together pieces from many different puzzles and then attempting to make sense of the picture they create. For years, that’s what we’ve been doing when it comes to animal shelter data. It’s time for a change.

It's a life changing decision.

Shelter Animals Count was created to give shelters the information they need to streamline their business operations, while at the same time making it possible to get a holistic overview of the animal welfare landscape. By collecting consistent shelter data, and by collaborating with other shelters that are doing the same, our ability to save animals’ lives can be dramatically improved. Together, we can finally solve the puzzle.

Give a little, get a lot.

By participating as a contributor of data, you will have access to an objective, unbiased database of your own and others’ unfiltered shelter statistics, from the local to the national levels. From improving the quality of individual organizations’ grant applications, to helping communities best allocate their resources across multiple shelters or animal services providers, the benefits of being a data contributor, and therefore, a data recipient, are tangible and impactful.

Because Shelter Animals Count consists of animal welfare professionals from diverse backgrounds and interests, united toward a common goal, you can be certain that your participation will be met with respect and support. We are committed to helping sheltering organizations save lives. In the future, we envision a world where grant-makers, researchers, and all those with the ability to improve animal welfare will rely on this database as their source for consistent, reliable shelter data.

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